Moet Hennessy plant Weingut in China

Henning Schwarzkopf von der CHEURAM Consulting Group aus Hongkong und Beijing weist darauf hin, dass Moet Hennessy im Norden Chinas, d.h. in der Region Ningxia, ein Weingut eröffnen will, um der steigenden Nachfrage im Reich der Mitte nachzukommen.

Hier die Information auf Englisch:

The winery will be located in the northern Chinese region of Ningxia, between the He Lan Mountains and Yellow River, and will feature fermentation cellars, tasting rooms and a luxury visitor centre.

Hong Kong-based architectural firm, MAP, which has been commissioned to develop the winery, said it would ensure the new facility fits into the local environment.

MAP Principal, Edward Billson, said: “Ningxia, where the winery is based, is a remote location which presented some significant design challenges.”

“Moet wanted to respect the local wine-making traditions and to complement the Ningxia landscape, but equally they wanted to make a clear, contemporary and bold design that would put its fine wines on the map in China.”

Traditionally wine is stored in underground cellars, but with the harsh Ningxia winters and flood-prone summers, the builders took advice from local wine growers and decided to  bury the vines completely to protect them from the cold

Using the same technique, they moved hundreds of tonnes of local earth to ‘bury’ the fermentation cellars above ground.

The project is expected to cost around $5.5 million dollars and is scheduled for completion in 2013.


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